Kettlebell Exercises

You can break up kettlebell exercises into the grinds and ballistics. Grinds are
slow movements and ballistics are more rapid in nature.

You have to understand your grinds because they are the basic strategies for your ballistic movements.

Before you can start doing any kettlebell exercises, you first have to learn how to pick up a kettlebell from a dead lift position.

kettlebell exercise equipment

There are many different kettlebell sets available

Keep your back straight and your head up when you bend down to pick it up and don’t use your back as the primary source of strength – use your legs instead.

Next, you can move on to squats. You need to be aware of the different types.

A basic squat just has you performing a typical squat where your back is straight and you bend your knees into a sitting position. Your kettlebell weight hangs from your arms between your legs, dipping down toward the floor.

Other squat exercises include lowering yourself down while keeping the kettlebell level with your shoulder, and the full squat, which lowers you all the way past a sitting position where you’re resting on your heels. Then you extend the kettlebell overhead until your arms are in a locked position.

Other kettlebell movements will originate from your squatting movements.

A Swing, in the kettlebell world, is when you bend over and put the kettlebell between your feet and start the movement by pushing the bell behind you as if you’re
handing off a football. Then you pull the bell forward, back through your legs and out in front of you as you rise into a standing position.

When you perform a Snatch, you are doing the same movement as a swing, only the final position will be where the kettlebell is raised completely overhead.

Because the bell has a tendency to flip over and hit your wrist, you need to learn how to control the handle so that you can maneuver it a better position.

The Kettlebell Clean is another popular movement. For this one, you’ll again start out with the bell between your feet. You’ll bend down to take a hold of it, and like
the swing and snatch, push the bell behind you through your legs.

Instead of pushing it out and forward or straight up, you’ll ring the kettlebell close to your body as if you’re doing a curl, but you won’t actually be curling it.

These are some of the most basic top kettlebell exercises. When you begin researching the more advanced ones, you’ll find that the starting positions are
almost always one of those listed above.

A few have an unusual starting position, such as the Turkish Get Up, which begins with you lying flat on your back on the floor and finishes in a raised and lunging position.

As you progress you will move from these basic moves to some of the more advanced kettlebell exercises!